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Nagarathars hail from the Sivagangai and Pudukottai districts of Tamil Nadu State in India. Since the 19th century, we have been prominent entrepreneurs who funded and built several Hindu temples, schools, colleges and universities. The nine main temples in Chettinad are marveled for their architecture and stone sculptures. The details in the carving of the sculptures on the pillars of these temples are subject to wonderment and the stone pillar tubes inside the temple to collect water from the top directly to the deep ground as a water harvesting system shows the responsibility of the collective society in an arid area.

Temples are used for community business meetings, social gatherings, celebrating festivals and conducting ceremonies apart from the primary objective of regular worship. The amount of money, time, energy and effort of Nagarathars put into the building and maintenance of temples is enormous.

UK Nagara Shiva Temple is a charitable organisation founded with the aim of advancing the faith of Saivism and building a beautiful place of daily worship, as per the rules laid out in the ancient Saiva Aagamic texts, for the Hindu Seekers in the UK, in line with the Tamil saying, 'Kovil illatha Ooril Kudi Iruka Vendaam (Don't reside in a place where there is NO temple)'.

Our aim is to build an iconic place of worship in the U.K. for Lord Shiva and other deities as per Saiva Agamic texts. We have now identified a suitable site/building for our charity and it will really help us to do more for the local and Hindu community around the world. We are raising funds to purchase the property for building the temple. This is a herculean effort that cannot be accomplished without your support. 

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